Monday, March 28, 2011

My Ecologcial Footprint

In my Environmental Science class, I got to go to a cool website where I took a quiz that showed me my ecological footprint (see below). You can try it out and find your ecological footprint at

Anyway, it takes 15.7 acres to support my lifestyle and it would take 3.5 Earths to sustain everyone if everyone lived like I did. 10% of the energy goes into food, 15% into shelter, 7% to mobility, 12% to goods, and 56% goes into services. So basically, it doesn't take much to feed or clothe me, but it takes a lot to keep me warm and sheltered and occupied.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A lot of things have transpired so far this year. A few major things include:


I got ULTRAVIOLET highlights. Now they're just blond highlights.

Then, later, I got a haircut. That was a big deal for me. Last time I had gotten a haircut was like 18 months ago.

Also, I turned 17. My dad got transferred to a new job which is 3 hours away, so I don't see him around as much as before.

I graduate this June. I applied to 5 colleges: Geneva College, Messiah College, Andrews University, Southern Adventist University, Atlantic Union College. I plan to get a double major in Psychology and Spanish.

I guess that's a good note to end on. Toodles, noodles.

I Remember When...

I first got my gerbils almost 2 and a half years ago. One of the first things I did when I brought them home was take their pictures then post them on this blog. I had been wanting gerbils since I was a lot younger. At first I wanted hamsters, but then I found out you only have to clean out gerbils' cages like 2 times a month because they don't smell as bad, and that was definitely an incentive since I knew I did not like cleaning out my guinea pigs' cages every few days.

One day we were at the Living Things pet shop, which is my favorite pet shop in this area because it always had plenty of live animals for me to stare at. This particular day they had gerbils, and I don't know how I convinced my mom, but we impulsively bought Ralph and Roo, and brought them home. They looked so identical that I could never tell them apart, so I just guessed which one was which, the fatter one being Ralph.

Anyway, they grew fat and happy, eating their sunflower seeds every day. Before long, they got tired of cardiorespiratory endurance exercises and instead began weight training. Instead of running on their wheel, they would knock it over. And every night I would fall asleep to them banging the wheel against the glass in one of their brilliant but unsuccessful attempts to escape.

Two days ago, one of their stories ended. I don't know for sure if it was Ralph or Roo that I found lying on the bottom of his cage, blood running from his eyeballs. His death was unexpected and sad. And what made it very strange was that he died on March 14th, and my rabbit Tiddles (which I didn't write an epilogue for) died on February 14th (yeah, my Valentine's Days tend to suck). It makes me wonder what will happen on April 14th.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my Wordle World

Wordle: ultraviolet

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I have an announcement to make!

As of yesterday, I AM A SENIOR!!!!!! No more math, and no more honors courses for me!!! Just English and Spanish 3 and 3 science courses and a few required electives... I'm taking it easy my senior year!
And, though it's hard to believe that a whole year went so fast, PVYBC starts day after tomorrow! Summer camp will basically be my vacation since I am working again for most of the summer. So far, in one day I have earned almost $40. And earned some deeply sore leg muscles picking all those strawberries.
I went to bed last afternoon since I was so pooped and I woke up early. So now I think I will go do something useful, like try to curl my hair and otherwise get ready for campmeeting.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Okay, I know this is an ungodly hour to be awake and blogging, but I need to be held accountable for something. I was forced to take a vacation (yes, I have gotten a few chuckles out of that one) and made to go see my loving grandparents! I splashed my feet, and, thanks to an obliging wave, my shorts, in Lake Erie at Presque Isle. And I got to meet my pen pals from NY who are stuffed with AWESOMENESS!!! Anyway, now I am behind in school, and I am attempting to get caught up. Seeing as there is only like, one month of school left, I am not going to give up yet! But there are so many distractions which are, of course, distracting me from what is important right now, which is completing my school and getting good enough grades to go to college. I find that when I make lists, I tend to finish almost as much as I have planned for the day. So I have made a list, and hope to finish everything on it. Basically, my list says:
1. School (Algebra 2 assignments)
2. School (Anatomy assignments)
3. School (Technology assignments)
4. School (Spanish assignments)
5. School (government assignments)
5 1/2. (more government assignments)
6. School (American Literature Assignments)

P.S. You don't want to know the specifics because they are the boring subject matter I shall be slaving over tomorrow morning through midnight.

Summer, I need you so very much right now. I feel too tense.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Awesome Citadel made of snow!

I singlehandedly crafted this lovely snowfort! It was a bunch of fun and good exercise... I think everyone should take some time to enjoy the snow!

And there is Alyssa who kindly took the photos. Thanks!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had this really great post idea and now it is just - GONE! I feel so Dory-like. oh there's my memory stick. The Eggplant parmesan is cooking. I am going to have potatoes and cheese. sorry for all the food references but I haven't eaten yet today and am hungrified!
Well I went out in the woods today while I was waiting for my moody rabbit to decide to hop out of her cage. Sometimes she wants to come out and will practically hop into my arms, but sometimes she decides to play hard-to-get. I can't drag her out because she is ten pounds, and her toes get stuck in the wires if i try and sometimes if she REALLY doesn't want to come out, she will lunge and growl at me. Once I get her out she is usually sweet as pie and snuggly as a fuzzy sausage but it can take some patience to coax her. So today I opened up her cage but she wouldn't come out initially so I decided to take a little walk while waiting for her. It was sunny and rather warm, warm enough to wear a light bright pink jacket and not get frozen. This was fortunate because it is deer hunting season, and if there did happen to be any hunters in our woods, they would have to be pretty dumb to mistake a girl in a bright pink jacket for a deer, so I felt pretty safe. The ground was soggy and wet but I managed to not get my socks wet by tightrope walking on logs over puddles and soon I had arrived at the gushing creek. It was snowing as lightly as it can snow and still be noticable, like one snowflake per square yard each second. I actually saw a flock of 10-20 robins, despite certain people telling me they don't travel in flocks, and maybe they don't, but I definitely saw a bunch of robins. Anyway, I went back to Missy's cage and just as I had predicted, she was out and I quickly scooped her up. I am not quite the nature bug i used to be but i still enjoy short little treks out in nature.

Monday, January 25, 2010

High Horse's Courting

I just read this hilarious story from my English book called, "High Horse's Courting". It made me laugh out loud!!!! I have paraphrased it for your reading enjoyment, but the story in its entirety is even funnier! It's an authentic Native American tale about an Indian boy named High horse who wants to marry this beautiful Indian girl. He talks to the girl and she says that she likes him maybe a little. The Indians would trade horses for their wives, but High Horse only had two horses and her father won't let him have his daughter for only two horses and said for him to quit talking foolishness like that. High Horse's friend offers to let him borrow two more horses, but the father won't let him have his daughter for four horses either. High Horse asks the girl to run away with him, but she says she wants to be bought like a proper wife. So High Horse felt really sick and he felt like he was going to die. His friend Red Deer notices and says he has a plan: they will steal the girl and High Horse and the girl will ride away together and be happy for the rest of their lives. Red Deer waits outside while High Horse sneaks into her teepee after he is sure her and her parents are asleep, but finds that her parents have tied her in bed with leather thongs in case someone tried to steal her, and they thought she might even want to be stolen. So he has to cut the leather cords away with his knife while she is sleeping, and each one makes a loud POP. But she still doesn't wake up. When he is down to the cords at her thighs, he is really nervous and his knife slips and pokes her, which in turn makes her wake up yelling, which wakes up her parents and they start yelling, and her father gets some other men and they go and chase High Horse and Red Deer, who run away like antelopes, but no one is sure who they were because it was so dark. So High Horse is feeling sicker than ever and Red Deer plans another way for them to steal her. He tells High Horse to strip and then he paints him white with black stripes until High Horse looks so terrible that Red Deer says he is almost scared. Red Deer tells him that this time, if he is caught again trying to steal the girl, the village will think he is a bad Spirit and would be afraid to chase him. So High Horse sneaks into the teepee again and Red Deer waits outside while he cuts the cords. It made a lot of noise and the girl started moving around in her sleep and then her mother wakes up. "Suddenly the old woman awoke and said to her old man: 'Old Man, wake up! There is somebody in the teepee!' But the old man was sleepy and didn't want to be bothered. He said: 'Of course there is somebody in the teepee. Go to sleep and don't bother me.' Then he snored some more." (LOL) But this really scared High Horse so he lay still so they wouldn't see him and then he got so tired he fell asleep. Next thing he knew, it was morning and the girl was screaming and her parents were yelling about a strange animal in the teepee and he almost knocked the teepee down getting out! Apparently his friend was wrong about the village being scared to chase him because the whole village chased after him with guns and bows and tomahawks but he ran and hid in a hollow tree and nobody found him. By then the village was creeped out and decided to move out quickly. So they moved and left High Horse behind in the hollow tree. The whole time, his friend Red Deer knew what was happening of course but had to pretend to be as surprised and scared as everybody else. He watched where High Horse ran off to and after the camp moved he went and found High Horse. High Horse wasfeeling so ashamed and sick he said he would go on the war-path all alone and he didn't care what happened to him. But Red Deer said he wouldn't let him do that, and went on the war-path with him. They went and stole a herd of about a hundred horses from a Crow tribe and drove them in front of the girl's teepee. High Horse yelled to the father asking if he thought maybe that was enough horses for his girl (I can just feel the sarcasm...) The old man told him he didn't want the horses, he wanted "a son who was a real man and good for something. So High Horse got his girl after all, and I think he deserved her."

Friday, January 15, 2010


Okay I was just exercising so I feel really happy right now cuz of all those whatchamacallems endorphines? that get released when you exercise :D so that is why I may seem a little too perky lol
Thanks all of you who prayed for Tiddlywinks! Tiddles got his teeth clipped a few weeks ago and he is now just as hoppy as ever! He is going to have a operation to have some of those teeth pulled because thankfully, it was inexpensive enough. :)
The last blog post I did was actually on another blog that is for my honors US government course. It's called "Can We Provide Broadband Across PA?" and you can visit it in the slight chance (ha HA) that you are interested.

During winter break I attended GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ) in Louisville, Kentucky. The theme was "Unashamed," and we learned all about being unashamed of Christ! I even went on outreach and invited people to sign up for Bible studies. It was an awesome experience and I am sooo glad I got to be there! I am totally going next year when they have it in Maryland!
And I want to shout out that my friend Christina earned her yellow belt in karate today after a grueling test!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡YAY Christina!!!!
I went to the PA Farm Show yesterday. It was fun and stinky and tiring! Some of the best parts were getting to see this girl do stunts on a galloping horse and watching horses play soccer and see Irish dancing. Not to mention free ice cream samples and fried portabella mushrooms and seeing a bunch of animals. I even got a magic scarf! It is purple and blue and green and so it matches like a lot of my clothes lol... it is magic because you can stretch it into being a shawl as well as a scarf. I also saw a lot of rabbits, a few of which looked exactly like my rabbit Hopscotch (one of them was actually distantly related to Hopscotch because he was from the same breeder that we got our mama bunny from and bred by). Hmm I should go get Missy, she would probably lick me. She loves licking me when I am sweaty cuz I guess I taste good and salty then... yuck? whatever :)
I was gonna call this post "tiddlywinks!!!" before I realized I had a lot more to say than just about Tiddlywinks :P

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I happen to be listening to Spanish Christmas songs. These particular ones are called "Pastores y Zagalas" and "Que preciosas mananitas" y "Las Posadas". I shall attempt to find the translations. Pero primero yo estoy voy a comer arroz de español para mi almuerzo. Okay. Done with the spanish rice which was prepared by mi madre. So "pastores y zagalas" means "shepherds and shepherdesses", "Que preciosas mananitas" means "What precious early mornings," y "Las Posadas" means "The Inns." ¡Qué interesante! lol

I learned how to make some German paper stars the other day. They are like the ones below, but mine are much cooler because they are colorful and one is made out of ribbon! :)


Please pray for our rabbit Tiddlywinks! He has a major problem with his teeth and he could die because of it!!! Please pray we can take him to a vet that can help him. He is a special pet of ours and we don't want to lose him! Thanks!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My account of December 22, 2009

Our family had planned several days before to go to a craft party at my cyber school's hq in West Chester, which is like an hour and a half from our house driving. Some of my family decided they were too sick to go so we it ended up just being me, my big sister, and my dad. My dad actually had lost his voice, so it was a much quieter ride than we were used to when being with my dad.
But my dad does this thing. Whenever my dad is driving near a fancy hot new expensive car, like a ferrari or mercedes or bmw or anything that is worth half our house, he ALWAYS says he can get in front of them and change lanes before them or whatever because the person isn't going to want to hurt their new fancy car by ramming into him for it. And each time he goes in front of them or whatever they ALWAYS beep their horns loud and long... and each time he says get my gun; I'm armed and they're not. And each time my mom goes "Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat!!!!!" (which is my dad's name). It was funny cuz this one time, there was a fancy car behind us and he beeped at us when my dad went in front of him and then later when the same car got behind a line of traffic, my dad drove by him quick and beeped at him lol it was so funny but my mom got all freaked out and my dad said I'm armed and they're not, and my mom was like how do you know they're not armed and for the tiniest split second I was like how can they drive without arms? and then I realized he meant firearms and I felt pretty dumb lol anyway so yesterday on this particular drive in Philly there is this guy and his gf in their hot new mercedes in the lane next to us and trying to change lanes and my dad says, "Watch this" and next thing I know I hear BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPP from the shiny silver mercedes and my dad says "Get my gun! Get my gun! I'm armed and they're not!" and we throw up his briefcase and I duck my head in my lap and then I look around quick and the car is behind us and the guy is glaring. But he couldn't afford to do anything to our car for fear of damaging his shiny new mercedes. So anyway, SURPRISINGLY, we arrived safely at the building and made our way through the confusing maze of cubicles until we reached the room where we were to spend an hour and a half making international crafts with the foreign language teachers. One of them was my Spanish teacher in 8th grade and 10th grade. She taught us how to make God's Eyes, that craft with popsicle sticks and yarn. We also spent a long frustrating hour learning how to make these German Stars. They are like origami, and you can make them with long strips of paper or ribbons.
On the way back, we are listening to the charming English accent version of the voice on the gps. Unfortunately, it tells us to stay left at the toll booth so we accidentally go through the EZ pass one and don't get a ticket so when we get to the booth where we have to pay, my dad almost has to pay $24 instead of $2 but then my dad explained what happened (with difficulty because of his lost voice) and the toll booth guy said it happens a lot so we got away with it. My poor dad. Later we met a friend at the grocery store and she asked if we enjoyed our dad not having a voice for once because he is usually extremely talkative, but actually I missed his voice because I had been having to do a lot of his talking for him.
After that, we go to a Chinese restaurant and order vegetarian Chinese food, but I don't order the moo shu vegetables because I don't know what is in them and my dad always jokes about cow feet. haha
But we are still hungry so we go to this place that sells luxury chocolates so that we can get free samples. But I couldn't find the samples, so when my dad shows me where they are, he said my eyes bugged out and I made a beeline for them like a zombie and he was teasing me the rest of the day about it! I reached for the biggest piece and Alyssa says, "Don't be greedy!" So I grab a smaller piece, rather disappointed, and watch as SHE grabs the biggest piece. I should really not listen to her so much.
Then we go to Wegmans and get the rest of our dessert. The first thing, I will not disclose what it was because my dad would get in trouble with my mom if she reads this. The second thing was a 2-liter bottle of cherry soda. We are all rather full by this time and my dad doesn't want to carry the soda around and I don't want to throw it away so I finish it off for us straight from the bottle. But by then I am too full and too tired to want to shop for food for Christmas. So I am walking around in a stupor while we get groceries and then I need to use the restroom because I had just drank about a liter of soda. But when I get to the restroom there is a guy standing in front of the door holding tape which says "Do Not Pass This Line." So I am forced to keep walking around feeling tired and sick and OOOH my brother just handed me two Hershey's kisses!!!! But what made me feel better was this funny thing I observed. I noticed a trail of chocolate milk on the floor, and I decided to follow it. I saw an employee discover it and he walkie talkied to some other employee, "We have a situation here! There's a trail of chocolate milk all over the store! Send someone over the clean it up." And maybe it wasn't that funny but since I was so tired I was laughing hysterically!!!
After that ordeal I wasn't so tired anymore, and we went to some other stores and the mall and I got a great Spanish-English dictionary for only 4 bucks and Alyssa and I helped my dad pick out something for my mom for Christmas. Then we went home and I went to bed and had a disturbing dream and woke up this afternoon.
Well, if you have just finished reading all of this, congratulations. I hope you have become a better person because of it, or have at least been amused.
Excuse me while I go refill my blood sugar.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

In the beginning...

...there was a blog. Called Mandy's Place. And I posted and posted and posted from the time I was like 12 to the present. And lately only got on every once in a while.
Soooo this feels kind of awkward, blogging after not being on for so long. I guess all I should say for now is announce that I am going bowling today!
The other day I learned chest block at karate class.
I also just finished up to the 2nd midmarking period of 11th grade.
Still desperately attempting to learn español.
I am so excited for the holiday season!!! Mi tiempo de año favorito!
And I quit all the stupid facebook games which my sister started me playing and which took over my free time. So perhaps I will be blogging more often. But ironically, all my blog posts show up on facebook anyway, because somehow I set my blog to be affiliated with facebook.
I made a skeleton dude for anatomy class named Mr. Skelly Ton. When it is time to get rid of him, I am going to bury him in the ground as befits a skeleton. Maybe even make him a gravestone...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My brother just pulled my hair...

...And his excuse: "I wasn't pulling it! Some of it just, um, got stuck between my two fingers!!!"
^^Exactly! :)